Cassity – TEAM 19 – Santa Monica, CA

Cassity is one of those people that is just a bundle of joy. When you’re around her, be prepared to be laughing the whole time! We had such a blast getting these photos!

About Cassity:
What is your favorite color? Yellow
Describe yourself in 3 words funny, confident, and unique
Favorite food(s)? pasta
Whats your most valued possession, and why?
my most valued possession is my grandmothers necklace
If you had the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world where would it be? Why?
I would travel to Australia or new Zealand because of all the awesome views
Where do you work, how long have you worked there?
I do not work
What extra-curricular activities have you been involved with?
some extra curricular activities i am involved in are, that I have taken singing lessons for 8 years, was involved in cheerleading and I am a 2018 debutant, so that keeps me really busy.
Describe your family or a favorite childhood memory
My family is very loud and funny, we literally can make anything into a joke
When I was young, I wanted to be this when I grew up… Veterinarian
Now, I want to… major in photojournalism and minor in english
What are my future goals, college I will attend, or careers I want to go after
I want to go to Paris College of Art in France
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
In 10 years I see myself living in Europe with a dog

Hair: Crystal

Makeup: Claudia

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