Santa Monica Carnival meets Team Seventeen

Its been beyond amazing getting to know these 6 beautiful girls over the last year! I can’t believe its been a year since we just started our adventure together! To think its almost time to start searching for Team Eighteen, is amazing to me! These girls have become such naturals in front of the camera, but I’m more excited about what I’ve seen behind┬áthe camera; these girls have grown into amazing, strong young women, into great friends, and into incredible role models for the girls around them!

We spent this shoot giggling the whole time, dodging waves, eating sugary treats, searching for color, and just having the best time!

I hope you enjoy!

carnival00003 carnival00013 carnival00016 carnival00024 carnival00028 carnival00031 carnival00038 carnival00041-18 carnival00042 carnival00045 carnival00046 carnival00051 carnival00065 carnival00069-31 carnival00072 carnival00074 carnival00079 carnival00081 carnival00083 carnival00085 carnival00088 carnival00090 carnival00094 carnival00098 carnival00101 carnival00102 carnival00103 carnival00109-43 carnival00115 carnival00130 carnival00138 carnival00149 carnival00153 carnival00161 carnival00169 carnival00179-66 carnival00182 carnival00187 carnival00193 carnival00199 carnival00202 carnival00216 carnival00218 carnival00244

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