Team Seventeen – Grad Shoot – Lancaster Blvd

I have so many mixed emotions as I sit down to write this today! SO much excitement for these girls as they go onto amazing things and start living in the real adult world, and so much sadness to see them go!

A few weeks ago we had our very last Team Seventeen photoshoot, and I have no idea where the time went?! It seems like just yesterday that we marched down Lancaster Boulevard for the very first time as a team, for our Valentine’s Day Shoot. Each girl, just meeting for the first time, stepping out of their comfort zone and their school to come together!

It was amazing to look back on that very first shoot we had, to this very last shoot. So much confidence, change, love, passion, friendship and laughs have filled our year and a half together! I can’t believe my first year with a team is over!

I will forever be grateful to this group of girls, for baring with me as I learn what works and what doesn’t, as I grew in my photography, and allowing me to hopefully make even the smallest of difference! You guys have taught me so much about myself, about this world, and you’re keeping me young!

Love you girls dearly!

Team Seventeen was given a Giving Key at the beginning of their year.

This key had the word “Value” on it.

Every year, I pray God gives me a Mantra for the year, a phrase I can continuously pray over these girls, and hopefully one that becomes a phrase the girls remember, become to know of themselves, and makes an impact.

As I began my first year having a Brooke Shalae Photography Team, God gave me the word Value. Why? This is the whole reason I do the team. I hope to empower young women to know their value. To know they are precious, just who they need to be, and valuable.

The mission behind Giving Keys: once you know the phrase to be true of you and it has helped you, you pass your key onto someone else who needs that word more then you. What better way, then to continue my mission of giving value to these girls, then through Giving Keys

I thank God daily for the places he has led me that has allowed me to make even the smallest of a difference.

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