Aubree’s Glasses make their Debut at Groundwork Coffee on the Blvd

Sometimes (okay, I’ll be honest, A LOT OF THE TIME) in my life I find myself craving creativity! It’s like my soul is itching to make something beautiful for the sole purpose of creating and expressing myself.

I never understood fully why this was until recently, I started reading The Artisan Soul by Erwin McManus. In The Artisan Soul, Erwin describes it like this:

“To Create is to be Human.

To Create is to fulfill our divine intention.

To Create is to reflect the image of God.

To Create is an act of worship.

God created us through the universe’s most creative and intimate act. We are the result of a creative act by a creative God. He designed us in His own image; He designed us with both INTELLECT and IMAGINATION; He designed us with both REASON and PASSION; He designed us to DREAM, to RISK, and to CREATE.”

This past weekend I attended a Leadership Conference where I was able to hear Erwin speak and I was reminded again of the amazing truth that I was CREATED TO CREATE. My heart is that you would find the ways in your life that you are creative and you would live FULLY and CREATIVELY. Do something different or do something the same in a different way!

For me it was taking something ordinary and creating ART! Sometimes all it takes is picking up my camera, grabbing some coffee, a great friend, and some of our favorite books, and documenting them.

Sometimes the simple things in life need to be documented: like how adorable Aubree looks in her glasses; or how incredible Groundwork Coffee‘s Cold brew is (you all need to go get some RIGHT NOW) or how incredible the desserts at Bake Up by Kim pair with the cold brew.

So thats what this photoshoot and blog are all about! Let’s all go out and be creative today!


The end of this shoot ended with a little dancing, and leaping!


AND Fisheye iPhone photos!

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset



Aubree on Instagram

Groundwork Coffee on Facebook

Bake Up by Kim on Facebook or Instagram

and finally, go get The Artisan Soul by Erwin McManus

and be inspired to live creatively!

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