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be mine

Im so beyond excited to share this first Team Seventeen Blog with you all!

Team Seventeen has been only a dream for so long, and it has finally begun and I couldn’t be more thrilled for what the future holds!

Team Seventeen consists of 6 of the most incredible, hip, beautiful, caring, spectacular 2017 Senior Girls Ive ever met; as well as the best of the best 2016 Senior Mentor, Madi Atkerson!

I feel as if I have been blessed with a dream team!

The next year and a half has such a promising future, and I can’t wait to share with you the first Team Seventeen Shoot.




behind the scenes

From Left to right: Bryanna, Danielle, Faith, Kaelah, Madeline, and Emily


And they thought they couldn’t “do a serious face”! How gorgeous is this!
016 026 031 036 038 040 044 049 055 061 065 067 070 077 082 085 086 089 093 099 104 107 108 117 118 123 126 137 143 145

And thats a wrap!

Until next time, Babes!



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