Boho Babes

Team Seventeen shoot number 2 in the books, and boy was it  a fun one!

We took a gorgeous ride up to Vasquez Rocks, and shot until sunset! It so exciting and amazing to see these girls as they become more and more sure of themselves and comfortable in front of the camera! But more then anything else, its been really exciting to see the friendships of these girls blossom. Makes me a happy team leader!

Now, lets get to it, check out the gorgeousness that is these girls below


BOHO-1-1 BOHO-3 BOHO-4 BOHO-8 BOHO-14 BOHO-19 BOHO-25 BOHO-29-13 BOHO-32 BOHO-39 BOHO-42 BOHO-44 BOHO-51 BOHO-54-21 BOHO-60 BOHO-68 BOHO-73 BOHO-79 BOHO-82 BOHO-85-31 BOHO-87 BOHO-91 BOHO-93 BOHO-97 BOHO-102 BOHO-109 BOHO-112-43 BOHO-119 BOHO-123 BOHO-129

When your assistant is just toooooo cute!BOHO-136 BOHO-145-50 BOHO-148 BOHO-156 BOHO-159-55 BOHO-166 BOHO-170 BOHO-174-60 BOHO-178 BOHO-180 BOHO-181 BOHO-187 BOHO-193 BOHO-202 BOHO-204 BOHO-207 BOHO-210 BOHO-212

And then came the war paint! BOHO-214 BOHO-220 BOHO-225 BOHO-229 BOHO-237 BOHO-242-84 BOHO-245

Lets be real, we had to get at least one photo like this… cause we all know there was a lot of this happening naturally during the shoot!

Heres a few behind the scenes shots for y’all!

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