Warren – Quartz Hill Highschool Class of 2017 – Malibu Beach

So excited for this blog post! We had a blast in Malibu for his shoot!

Warren is one of the most motivated and inspiring young guys I know! He is so determined to make a difference in his world, and sure is he!

We hiked, we hung out, we took cool photos, and we froze (towards the end)!

A little bit about Warren

My Favorite Color: Blue

If I had to Describe myself in 3 words: Honest, Persistent and Loving

Favorite Food: Pasta

My most Valued Possession: My class ring, it condenses four years of memories into one object! Also it has my grandfather’s initials on it who passed away and it reminds me of him every time I look at it!

If I had the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world: I would travel to Greece to experience the rich culture, artwork and architecture there. Not to mention the beauty of the area as well

I work: At Hollister

Im involved with: ASB, CSF, Volunteering at my church, Spanish Club, Christian Club, and Asian Club

When I was younger I wanted to be: A Marine Biologist

Now I want to be: A public Relations Director 

My future goals: I want to go to Yale University and dual major in legal studies and Psychology. Also I plan to be a public relations director for major corporations in California

I see myself in 10 years: In California working my way up to be a PR Director in Malibu or LA with my wife, wanting to start my own family


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What Warren had to say:

“Wow. That’s all I can say. Not only did my pictures turn out phenomenal, the entirety of the experience was amazing. The appointment booking was easy to follow and quick. Brooke shares a passion for her art and shows it by personally handwriting her letters that express her gratitude and excitement for the process you will go through with her. I felt so comfortable with everything throughout the process. The session was amazing. I was so excited to shoot with her because she made it fun. Laughter is a constant thing that was a part of my session. The ordering appointment was the same as well. She did an outstanding job with all the pictures she took. My parents and I had trouble picking our favorites to order. After the ordering appointment, she worked diligently with the photos to make them better than any other photos I’ve had. Her personal touches leave a mark on her products. All in all my experience was amazing and I recommend that if you’re looking for someone to take amazing pictures with and feel a connection with personally, Brooke is the one. But once again, all I can say is…wow.”

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