Isabella – TEAM 21

This was such a fun shoot! How gorgeous is this girl?!

Learn a little about Isabella:

  • What is your favorite color?purple 
  • Describe yourself in 3 words:outgoing , funny , thoughtful 
  • Favorite food(s)?tacos 
  • Whats your most valued possession, and why?my rings i wear because each one has a sentimental value 
  • If you had the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world where would it be, and Why?i would like to travel New York to get a feel for the busy life and the new environment of things and people 
  • Where do you work, how long have you worked there?I’ve worked at a boba place for about a year now 
  • What extra-curricular activities have you been involved with?i volunteered at a dog adoption center before covid . i’m also a dance team captain at my school. 🙂 
  • Describe your family or a favorite childhood memory:i have a very close knit family. we constantly laugh together and are usually loud haha . there isn’t one specific memory i could choose out of the plenty but recently we’ve made tik toks together which is always fun to learn and do together 
  • When I was young, I wanted to be this when I grew up…my dream was to be a veterinarian which eventually led to a teacher 
  • Now, I want to be…a psychiatrist for kids and teens 
  • My future goals, college I will attend, or careers I want to go after:i hope to attend a college in california but not in my hometown just to get the full experience of becoming an adult , maybe san diego or santa cruz . one major goal of mine is to eventually travel to help those in need. 
  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years?in 10 years , i hope to be living on my own , being financially stable with a career i enjoy and preparing to start a family in the nearby future years at that age 🙂

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