Vanessa Nealy – TEAM 2020 – Malibu Beach

This session, was filled with laughter. It could have been from the stupid jokes that tend to come out of my mouth during a shoot, or her awesome mother photobombing all the photos…..or maybe it was both? LOL

Either way, I hope you have prepared yourself for the gorgeousness that is this session!

Learn a little bit about Vanessa:

  • What is your favorite color?red
  • Describe yourself in 3 words:caring, funny, and sassy
  • Favorite food(s)?SUSHI
  • Whats your most valued possession, and why?my most valued possession is my gold necklace with my birthstone that my grandma gave to me on my 16th birthday because she bought it for me when i was only 13, knowing she wanted me to have it when i turned 16 and i wear it every single day
  • If you had the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world where would it be, and Why?Mykonos, Greece. I have been wanting to go to this beautiful place since the first “Mamma Mia” movie came out and it just looks like such a beautiful and historic place to visit
  • Where do you work, how long have you worked there?i don’t have a formal job but i do babysit for 2 families and i have been doing this for about 3 years
  • What extra-curricular activities have you been involved with?i am involved with dance team, varsity soccer, varsity track, and i volunteer at the lancaster animal shelter
  • Describe your family or a favorite childhood memory:my family is wild but very close. my favorite childhood memory is living in germany and going to the neighborhood parks with all of my friends and we would just hang out all day and eat ice cream on summer days.
  • When I was young, I wanted to be this when I grew up…a teacher
  • Now, I want to be…an interior designer
  • My future goals, college I will attend, or careers I want to go after:my ultimate future goal is to have my own business of interior design just like “magnolia” in texas. i don’t have one college that i hav committed to going to but my top school right now is the university of new mexico
  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years?in 10 years i see myself getting a jumpstart on my career and eventually being super successful with it. i also see myself possibly being married and getting ready to start a family

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